Giovanni Reber (violin), born in 1981

Giovanni Reber never even contemplated passing an entry examination at a university in the first place. Instead, aged only 18, he started right away to turn the world of music upside down together with Michael Giertz. At the young age of four, a violin was thrust in his hands. Later on – and thanks to his career as a bartender – he found his own way to bring his instrument close to a young audience and made entire nightclubs dance to the tunes of his live performances. Today he is also active as a musical director of theatre groups.


Other milestones:

In 2013, Les Papillons won the King’s Crown at the Fringe Theatre Festival „The Crowning“ in Aadorf, Switzerland.

In 2010, on the occasion of their 10-year anniversary, Les Papillons launched their second CD. The new album entitled „Le Grand Tour“ catches about 70 hits from 300 years of musical history.

In 2006, their debut album „Mémorïques“ came out.

In 2004, Les Papillons were awarded the Young Talents Award at the “Central European Fringe Theatre Awards” in Winterthur, Switzerland.