Les Papillons – Staged Concerts

For over twenty years, Les Papillons have been creating extraordinary concert programmes in which they combine well-known works from 300 years of music history with pieces from the pop world of the twentieth century in a very unconventional way. Thanks to their high standards of virtuosity, variety and mimic theatricality, their concert evenings are both an acoustic and visual experience. By playing with musical quotations and styles and a theatrical-musical dramaturgy, Les Papillons have found their own genre of concert form with their four concert programmes to date.


Mémorïques (2006)
Concert Phantastique (2009)
Patchwork Classics(2014)
Supernova (2020)


2016 Winner of the audience award “Herborner Schlumpeweck”.
2013 Cabaret festival “Die Krönung” in Aadorf: Nomination
as King of Cabaret
2004 Promotional prize of the Central European Cabaret Prize

Les Papillons have released three albums to date:
In 2006, the album ‘Mémoriques’,
2010 – on the occasion of their 10th anniversary – their second CD entitled ‘Le Grand Tour’.
Unfortunately, both of these albums are now out of print.
The album ‘Cut & Play’ will be released in 2024.

Giovanni Reber born 1981 in Basel (Switzerland)

Giovanni Reber began playing the violin at the age of 4 and was a violinist in the Jeunesse Österreich orchestra in Salzburg from 1990 to 2000. At the age of 10 he also took trumpet lessons and from the age of 12 he taught himself to play the guitar and piano. In addition to his stage appearances, Giovanni Reber also works as a composer and musical director for theatre productions.


2023 Excerpts from the album ‘Volume Zero’ by Pictureless Movie Project, released in 2024, are used for the play Romeo und Julia at the MiR (Musiktheater im Revier), Gelsenkirchen.

2021 Foundation of the studio music project Pictureless Movie Project together with multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Paul Kuchenbuch (Halcyon Studio Berlin). Album released: Volume Zero (2024)

2021 Artistic consulting, composition and recording of the music, as well as performer of the 2020 commercials for m.o.l.i.t.o.r GmbH, Berlin

2020 Musician and actor with Miosois for the theatre play Sense in co-production with Schaubude Berlin

2020 Violonist in the orchestra Die Sonnenunter-Gang for the live recording of the album ‘Liebeslieder an deine Tante’ (2020) by and with Sebastian Krämer

2017 Foundation of the accordion-violin duo Miosotis with singer and accordionist Isabel Neuenfeldt. Stage programme: Das Beste zum Schluss (2018)

2016 Musical direction and composition for the play Schneewittchen at the Puppentheater Magdeburg

2014 – 2019 Violonist of the Berlin progressive punk band Ciel Éther. Released album: L’âme Rouge (2020)

2012 Musical director for the theatre play Zwischenfälle after Daniil Charms in a production of ‘Triebwerk Berlin’. A co-production with ‘La Strada Graz’ and funded by the ‘Amt für Kunst und Kultur Berlin Pankow’

2011 Studio solo violinist for the original film soundtrack of Tom Sawyer (Majestic) at Tempelton Studio Berlin

2010 Artistic collaboration in the directing team, as well as music and sounds for the puppet theatre play Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse with Pierre Schäfer and Veronika Thieme. A co-production with ‘La Strada Graz’ and supported by the ‘Amt für Kunst und Kultur Berlin Pankow’

2008 In collaboration with Benjamin Reber (cello): Composition of theatre music and live accompaniment for the diploma production Der Zerbrochne Krug by students of the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, Berlin in the puppetry department

2001 First full-length concert programme with Les Papillons

2000 Foundation of the violin-piano duo Les Papillons. Stage programmes: Les Papillons (2001), Mémorïques (2006), Concert Phantastique (2009), Patchwork Classics (2014) and Supernova (2020). Albums released: Mémorïques (2006), Le Grand Tour (2010), Cut & Play (2024)

1999-2003 Live performances as a violinist with DJs. Among others with Raimund Flöck (Vienna Scientists), Steve Raskin & Sid Barcelona (Thunderball, Washington DC)

Michael Giertz born 1966 in Basel (Switzerland)

Michael Giertz played the violin from the age of 9 and first came into intensive contact with music through a series of small orchestral projects at music school. At the age of 15, he switched to playing the piano, which he largely learnt by himself. This was followed by piano studies at the Biel Conservatory with Rada Petkova and basic studies in musicology at the University of Basel with Prof. Dr Wulf Arlt and Prof. Dr Anne Shreffler.


2023 Participation as player and musical accompanist in the play ‘The B-Brother’ with Roland Suter, Heinz Margot and Walo Niedermann, Theater Teufelhof Basel

2022 Chanson and song recital ‘Lou la Lou’ with Lou Elias Bihler

2022 Chanson and song recital ‘Wechelbäder’ with Eva Gruner

2020 Fourth concert programme with Les Papillons ‘Supernova’

2018 Composition of 10 songs for the theatre production ‘Polly’ for the Junge Haus at Theater Basel with Eva Gruner

2017 musical co-direction for Pfyfferli at Fauteuil Basel with Arth Paul

2014 third concert programme with Les Papillons ‘Patchwork Classics’

2005-2015 Collaboration with Andreas Thiel in his first four ‘Politsatire’ programmes

2009 second concert programme with Les Papillons ‘Concert Phantastique’

2003 Compositions for a fairy tale CD for the Basel Zoo with Derek Bochmann

2001 First full-length concert programme with Les Papillons

1999-2002: musical cabaret evening ‘Chanson Fatale’ with singer Nina Klar, Basel

1997-1999: Undergraduate studies in musicology, University of Basel, with Prof. Dr Anne Shreffler and Prof. Dr Wulf Arlt

1991-1994: Piano studies at the Biel Conservatory, with Rada Petkova