Les Papillons

For twenty years, Les Papillons – The Butterflies – have been fluttering through the universe of music. They have become famous for being the masters of quotation and are deemed to be true pioneers of efficient music making owing to their head-spinning roller coaster ride through the history of classical, rock and pop music. As if their intertwined adaptations had never been individual melodies, “Mister Goldfinger” and the “Satan of the Strings” seamlessly capture catchy tunes and finger twisters from completely different music styles. Les Papillons indulge in feather light crossovers from pomp to pathos, regularly intending to surprise their audience with their next musical flash of genius. Their vivid performances offer the audience not only ear candy, but also a feast for the eyes. A “fantastic concert” with two fantastic musicians!

High pleasure and goosebumps are guaranteed!

Invite Les Papillons to your living room!