Living Room Concerts

Les Papillons play at your home!

In addition to their stage and gala appearances, Les Papillons started a small, fine tour through the living rooms of their audience in January 2018 – with huge success and standing ovations in the sofa corner! As these unique and personal concerts left you wanting more, they decided without further ado to continue the tour indefinitely and extend the offer to the entire globe.

They are offering this at the international living room special rate* of Fr. 600.- (€ 500.-/ ¥ 65`000.- / £ 440.- / $ 595.-)

Would you like to be part of this tour and turn your living room into a concert stage?

What you need: a grand or upright piano, chairs, sofas and of course a few good friends and acquaintances who can join you for an unforgettable concert evening at your home! If you don’t have enough space, we can be persuaded to find alternatives such as a lonely hobby cellar, a beautiful clearing in the woods next door or a magical piece of beach in Portugal…

The concert you book will not be made public – it is therefore only for you and those you invite.

If you are interested, just send an email with your phone number and preferred date to:

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

* Our life cannot be financed by performances at the living room special rate alone. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that we can no longer offer the special rate for events which, in our opinion, do not meet the criteria of a living room concert.

We offer a very special promotion for our fans: A living room concert costs Fr. 600.- (EU: € 500.-).

We will try to accommodate your date request. As we normally do not want to charge travel costs for the special rate, we may have to rely on your flexibility in choosing the date.

A living room concert lasts between 40 and 70 minutes – with or without an intermission.

Ideally in a larger room with a piano or grand piano.

Travel costs: 
If it is possible to arrange for us to be “in the vicinity” the day before or after, we do not charge travel costs. However, we will clarify this in a personal conversation and together we will find a mutually satisfactory solution.

Private or public, invite or collect? 
As mentioned above, a living room concert normally takes place in a private setting. However, you are free to decide whether you want to make it public or ask for a collection. However, possible income should be in a reasonable proportion to our fee. In case of a public announcement, there could possibly be copyright costs (by SUISA or GEMA).

The above prices refer exclusively to our living room concert tour. For other bookings such as other private parties, corporate events, as well as public performances, other rates apply. Please send these requests to

For more distant destinations (such as Reykjavík, Beirut or Sidney) we try to find a solution that at least covers the costs with connecting dates in the respective country, possible holiday combinations and some creative travel planning. We look forward to unusual suggestions!

Of course, you can also experience us live on the “big” stage at any time! Click here for the current programme